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MBA International Business Tour
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MBA Program: MBA International Business Tour

Course and Study Tour Description

This study tour is organized and led by the Cal Poly Orfalea College of Business and offered through the Cal Poly Extended Education Office. Participants travel to the People's Republic of China and/or India, to study the economies and business practices of the two countries. The two and a half week course (tour) includes mandatory pre-departure and on-the-road meetings, readings, case studies and discussions. Participants study American, Asian and/or Indian business practices while visiting large cities. The tour is conducted in English and no prior international business or travel experience is required.

Students pursuing the MBA - 1 Year Program or the accelerated Masters in Business and Technology program must participate in this course (study tour) to successfully complete all degree requirements on schedule. This course (study tour) is specifically designed for those two accelerated programs and is a required course. Students following MBA Program, the MBA/MS Engineering Managment or other Dual Degree program, or the non-accelerated Masters in Business and Technology (MS in BT) are also eligible to include this course (study tour) in their program of study as an elective course; however, their enrollment in the course and trip is contingent and on an "if/as space is available" basis.

The GSB 563 International Study tour is conditioned upon, and subject to, prior approval by the CSU Chancellor's Office each Academic Year. Enrollment in this course will not be permitted unless and until such approval is obtained.

Program Activities
This study tour is intended to be a life-changing business and personal experience for participants. From the first cup of Oolong tea in the morning to the last bite of Peking Duck or Indian curry at night, participants will witness economic development and business practices in China and/or India first hand. Planned program activities include:
  • Meeting with business and government officials
  • Touring factories, multinational firms, port facilities and small family firms
  • Interviewing managers and government officials
  • Practicing negotiation skills
  • Meeting with local students
  • Experiencing local customs and business practices
  • Exploring potential business opportunities
  • Attending cultural events
Course Learning Outcomes
By participating in this study tour participants will be able to better understand:
  • The global environment that organizations operate in.
  • Markets, consumers, and the global value and supply chain.
  • The role of governmental policies and their influence on business because of their more significant roles in Asian economies.
  • The various ways that Western and Asian companies operate in China and/or India.
  • Differences between Asian and Western management styles and philosophies.
  • Asian business practices.
  • How China and/or India can be a part of their career and business portfolios.
  • Some of the key differences between Asian and Western social and business cultures.
International Business Tour Blog
The International Business Tour Blog is part of the China/India experiential business tour. Throughout the year, students study about China/India before departing from the USA. We use this blog as an online tool to get students thinking about China/India and to help keep the drumbeat of China/India fresh in their minds. This way, when they get off the plane, it's not the first time they have given some thought to the country they are visiting.

Many of the posts you will see in this blog are more current events, career, or potpourri related posts rather than deep, complex posts. I.E., baby steps. Let's first pique students' interest before worrying about making them experts on a country many of them have never visited, versus requiring this blog as their "peer review journal outlet" to study China/India. The majority of the deeper learning they will do before they arrive takes place through class meetings, book reviews, and other assignments.